The Good Food Institute
Asia-Pacific presents
Asia Summit on
Alternative Proteins 2020
20-21 August 2020
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We are accelerating the transition from industrial animal agriculture into a sustainable, healthy, and just food system.

This generation has awakened to the urgent need to transform our food system. Whether it is to future-proof food security, climate change, or public health risks, reinventing the way we produce meat, eggs, and dairy is an imperative part of the solution.

At GFI APAC we believe in creating impact effectively through utilisation of market forces. We help industry satisfy the market demands for proteins with better products — using plants and microbes as raw materials, applying fermentation to protein production, or growing meat directly from animal cells.

What we do


We bridge information gaps by conducting and freely disseminating scientific and industry research.​


We help startups, investors, food producers, and manufacturers address challenges and develop better, safer, more sustainable forms of proteins.​


We connect scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, food companies, and policymakers to grow the alternative protein sector.​

Carrie Chan

“The great work of GFI has given us irreplaceable support at the infancy of Avant Meats, the first cultivated meat technology company of China. GFI truly is the leader in the non-profit sector promoting alternative proteins. Their Asia team is super dedicated and highly effective in delivering results in Asia in a way that suits the culture in the region. We continue to benefit hugely from their resources, connections, and publicity we receive.”

Carrie Chan
William Chen

“GFI’s mission aligns well with the new push for innovative and effective food systems in Singapore. The demand for plant-based proteins or cultivated meat is set to increase as a result of the public health issues and looming climate change. We look forward to working closely with GFI in further promoting alternative proteins as a critical part of the food system which would enable us to overcome global challenges.”

William Chen

The Michael Fam Chair Professor
Director of Food Science & Technology
Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU)
David Yeung

“Going plant-based is the critical next step in human evolution. With innovation and science, we are on the cusp of a massive shift. The Green Monday Group is excited and proud to be part of the GFI ecosystem in driving global impact.”

David Yeung

Founder and CEO
Green Monday Group
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