Access to a wide range of scientific and market research, data, and insights which are essential to building the Asia alternative proteins ecosystem.

This directory of ingredient and equipment suppliers, pilot plants, consultants, and other critical B2B partners is a one-stop shop for accelerating your alt protein business.

A comprehensive summary of the many lucrative opportunities for Asian nations to supply raw materials for plant-based meat production.

This first-of-its-kind report outlines the state of the plant-based meat industry in China in 2018.

An all-you-can-read buffet on planning, launching, and growing a good food business in Hong Kong.

An all-you-can-read buffet on planning, launching, and growing a good food business in Singapore.

Essential resources

This 6-week self-paced course covers the biological and chemical processes used to produce plant-based meat and cultivated meat, the environmental and economic drivers behind these market sectors, and the dietary roles of proteins.

Cellular agriculture entails the production of genuine dairy, egg, and collagen proteins without requiring the use of actual animals. In this technical paper, GFI provides an overview of this production method, including its history and its potential for changing today’s food supply.

This fact sheet explains the comparative environmental advantage of producing meat directly from plants rather than cycling crops through animals and lays out the relative resource savings of various plant-based meat products.

The stability of life on Earth depends on vibrant, healthy oceans. Yet overfishing across the globe has driven numerous ocean ecosystems to the point of collapse. This white paper highlights opportunities to advance plant-based and clean seafood.

For scientists

GFI walks through an analysis of cell culture media costs and anticipated production volumes for cell-based meat through the lens of various scaling and cost-reduction scenarios. This exercise has been used by cell-based meat companies, investors, and industry partners to provide insights on economic viability and opportunities to accelerate the commercialization of cell-based meat.

This article explains how novel protein sources enable us to create an innovative, appealing, and sustainable array of new meat, eggs, and dairy alternatives.

In this white paper, Miranda Grizio and Liz Specht provide a roadmap of existing egg alternatives, the functional properties they provide, and the relative importance of these functionalities across various applications.

In the cover story for IFT’s (Institute of Food Technologies) January 2018 Issue, GFI Senior Scientist Dr. Liz Specht explains and discusses the future of clean meat.

For investors

This report offers unique insight into a ground-breaking year for the U.S. plant-based food industry. GFI’s open-access analysis delves into retail and foodservice sales data, investment analytics, technical advancements, consumer insights, industry predictions, and more.

This open-access report provides a global analysis of the cultivated meat industry. GFI experts detail the investments, competitive landscape, consumer insights, and scientific progress in this rapidly accelerating, transformative market sector.

This first-of-its-kind report introduces the versatile uses of microbial fermentation in alternative proteins and covers the competitive landscape, innovation opportunities, product and ingredient applications, investment trends, regulatory status, and more. 

A list of resources to help you connect with fundraising startups and potential co-investors, understand the market and technical landscape, and help your current portfolio companies succeed.

For startups and corporates

Guide to high-impact approaches to the plant-based meat industry, created by GFI’s Science and Technology team to accelerate the pace of innovation in this critical field.

This mind map illuminates opportunities for technology development in one of the most promising food tech industries: clean meat. 

Through a comprehensive literature review, GFI inductively determined the most effective strategies for accelerating consumer adoption of plant-based meat.

This guide provides a practical model for using extrusion technology to manufacture two major categories of plant-based meat: restructured and whole muscle products.