The Good Food Startup Manual:
Hong Kong Edition

An all-you-can-read buffet on planning, launching, and growing a good food business.

This extensive guide lays out the steps involved in starting a plant-based or cultivated meat company – from securing funding and developing your product to staffing up and expanding distribution.

Every section contains insights from plant-based and cultivated meat experts and entrepreneurs and curates further resources so that you can dig deeper into the topics most relevant to you which include:

  • Company Creation
  • Tax and Compliance Obligation
  • Funding Mechanisms and Accelerators
  • How to Identify Potential Investors
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Food Relevant Regulations and Traceability
  • Sales Channels and Promotions

“Building a business isn't easy. It is important to recognize blind spots and decide to do something about that by picking up a manual such as this.Through the 100+ page step-by-step instruction , we've built a wealth of resources, guidelines, best practices for you to read through in the development and launch of your food businesses."

Manav Gupta
Founder and CEO
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